Upright Monument

Typically, these consist of 2 main pieces. The upright portion (tablet) and the bottom portion (base). Flower vases are common option and can be added on one or both ends.


A slant monument has a steeply angled face but the back is perpendicular. The top of the slant is much thinner than the bottom. Slants may be used by themselves, or they may be placed on a base. 


Bevels, also called Pillow or Hickey Markers, are very simple memorials. The most common style, which is shown here, has a straight angled top surface. The back is generally 2 inches taller than the front.

Grass Marker

Grass markers, also known as Flat or Flush markers, derive the name from the fact that they are normally installed into the ground, with only the top face showing. 


Benches are available in different configuations

Unique Memorials

Unique memorials are memorials that are not of a standard shape and size (custom)